10 Device Free Things To Do On Your Pomodoro Productivity Break

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Computer says: Come hither, I have something exciting to show you.

But it lies, or you lie to yourself when you allow it to take hold of you. You’re weak in that moment, admit it, it happens to us all.

I’m back on the Pomodoro method after taking a new course on productivity and not only am I focusing on the 25 minutes of flow I’m also taking care to get the most out of my break.

Super efficient productivity is the only way I’m going to be able to write for the European Space Agency, have my film produced, finish 52 short stories, grow my business and be nice to my other half.

To do that I need to spend the five minutes away from my devices to get the full re-fuel effect.

These are my top 10 ideas for a device-free 5-minute break.

1. Tidy your workspace

2. Gather your equipment for an activity you’ll be undertaking later

3. Spend five with your bookshelf and take out the next three books you intend to read

4. Read a page of your current book

5. Update your whiteboard/to-do-list

6. Write your next shopping list

7. Start planning your weekly meals

8. Stretching

9. Say hi to your family (but don’t talk too long)

10. Pen a quick listicle blog like this

Not only are these device-free and therefore will allow you to operate without sensory invasion but they’re also useful things to do.

And guess what, I still have 30 seconds left; time for a stretch.

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