A Brightly Coloured Dress To Greet The Day

A Bright Dress To Greet The Day. My working from home attire isn’t great at the best of times. What can I say? I’m a writer and an introvert.

To say that not leaving the house is upsetting my routine would be a lie. From my chair, it is business as usual, but I know this is not the case.

The rips in my jeans are getting harder and harder to disguise, and the stains just aren’t coming off my blue cardigan anymore. A few more strategically place coffee stains, and I may be able to pass it off as an oddly conceived dotted garment.

But today I’m going to deviate from the cat pee person look (btw I have a puppy)

The dress is purple with large flowers connected by vines. If this isn’t a nod to nature and the universe, I don’t know what is. Thank you, dressmaker, for creating this inspiring garment.

I put on the dress, and the first reaction I get is a smile from my boyfriend and a nod and a cuddle. He knows what I’m doing.

I sit down to write, and my session is unstoppable. Maybe because I’m trying a new routine, but somewhere in my soul I feel it is the dress. My imagination wants to take this route, so I’m going to go with it.

Then after an hour, two different clients who I thought might have been having second thoughts about the projects both emerged with business as usual attitude.

My friend has been in touch.

My head is clear

My notebook is full of ideas and stories to write later.

I feel a warmer fire in my belly today.

My puppy also loves the brightly coloured balls and flowers in the garden.

Colour is our link with nature.

I’m missing the colour of the Parisian fruit markets

The sensational headdress fabrics of Nigerian women in central London.

I am missing my friend Rebecca’s flamboyant scarves.

But the colours on my dress will do until I can see these things again. What about you? Have you got some brightly coloured garments in your wardrobe you can wear to make your time in isolation brighter; bring a smile to someone’s face? To inspire those you walk past at a 2 meter distance.

To post on social media.

To get us through the lockdown and until we meet again.

Storyteller, ex playwright (produced), award winning screenwriter, always writing. Creating story-based content for businesses. London based but heart in Europe

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