Action Is The Best Remedy: 9 Things You Can Do Right Now To Take More Control Over Your Life

Lucie Aubrac, 2nd world war resistance heroine, saboteur, fighter, mother, wife lived by these words ‘action is the best remedy’. When her chips were down, and she risked losing her entire world to the Nazi’s, this was still her philosophy.

Action is the Best Remedy.

It’s true. As countries feel the devastation of COV-19 and their lives and businesses go on hold, this advice is as relevant now as it was 80 years ago.

Things could, and probably will be worse.

What should we do? Wallow and accept our powerlessness? Should we allow fear and self-interest to dictate our behaviour in response to the virus and other global setbacks?

Hell no, we can’t. We walked on the moon; we created antibiotics and cancer treatments; we built the internet (warts and all0. We can’t respond with a downturn in our humanity. It’s the responsibility of all decent human beings not to allow ourselves or society to implode. Or, if it has already to take action to bring it back together.

Forget greater good for a moment, what positive effect comes out of you becoming suspended with fear and despair? Nothing.

Fear and anxiety feed on the feeling of being out of control. The virus is in our country, we can’t control that, but there are so many things we can control.

So many of the actions listed below are easy to apply, and you’ll feel better than you will if you sit and do nothing.

Try some of these actions today, especially if you’re feeling down and frightened.

Action is the Best Remedy.

Your Health

The easiest way to help your health is to stay clean and to eat good food. I used to casually say that I ran well on toxins which was code for ‘I can’t be bothered’ investing in my health.

And I’ve had a good run with this laxness but I’m approaching 40, and there’s this virus, and I’m just gonna have to start eating my seven a day if I want to achieve my own goals.

Action — avoid food with no nutritional value — you know what I’m talking about — bagels/white pasta etc. Have them sure but make sure you’ve got something worthwhile on your plate too.

Action — find a healthy living plan online that isn’t faddish.

Everyone’s Health

Everyone’s health involves making sure that people have access to what they need.

Action — don’t fill up your trolley with enough toilet paper for the rest of the year — stop to think about others.

Action — take care of your health to leave the resources to others who are needier. It could involve being more aware of the dangers around you than you usually are.

Avoid situations that could land you in A&E because there may be others who need these resources more than you do. Last year I had a silly accident with boiling water that saw me in a special burns unit. That same event now would be using up the resources of someone less well off. Just be more aware.

World Health

Choose who’s advice you take on the virus. If a particular politician was elected on the ‘virtue’ of self-interest would you want to leave your health in his hands? Seek out more reputable sources of information.

Action — subscribe to the WHO information channel and turn off the others. The road to Mis-information is paved with good intentions. Stick to one, reputable line of communications

Your Dreams

Are you in lockdown at home? Can’t make it to the film festival because of cancellation; all flights suspended? Spend some time with what you want out of life. Calculate the time you would have spent at the airport or travelling or whatever.

I bet all of that time adds up.

Action — Come up with ten dreams. Write them down. The act of writing is better for cementing things into your psyche then typing them up.

The Dreams of Your Comrades

We all have dreams. Some people are courageously sharing them with the world. Some people are not. There are 100s of ways that don’t involve money to help someone on the road to their dreams, and in time I’m sure it will be paid back in kudos.

Action — pick someone you have heard of that is trying to do something. Are they trying to be a filmmaker, grow their business, start a fruit garden. You don’t need to have met them before.

This is the most simple action of them all — ask them about it — engage. Take an active role in someone’s dream by just listening.

Your Business

A client of mine was invited to exhibit at the Ideal Home Show. At this point in time, it hasn’t been cancelled, but it’s likely to be. What are we gonna do? Sit around and lick our wounds? No, we’ll try and raise a digital exhibition instead.

Action — what element of your business or service could you convey digitally rather than in person. What opportunity could you take now?

Your Work

I don’t know what you do, or if you’re even still reading this blog, but there has to be one decisive action you can take to improve it.

Action — book in a session with your thinking chair. What are the top 10 things you love about your job? What are the top 10 things you hate? What ideas can you come up with

Your Education

The monopoly on education is already crumbling. No longer do you have to go into colossal student debt or belong to a particular family to get a good education. Online courses and institutions which understand this have already started innovating.

For those looking for something different to university, it is all out there on the net. You have to know that it is you want to know.

Action — make a list of 10 subjects that you are interested in and turn it into a ten-week plan to discover everything you can about it — a learning adventure.

Your Hope

Hope can be a powerful emotion; despair is passive. If you’re still feeling hopelessly out of control after reading this then please do try every activity. If you’re still feeling hopeless, then subscribe to my newsletter and join my thought adventures.

Action — subscribe to my newsletter.

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Storyteller, ex playwright (produced), award winning screenwriter, always writing. Creating story-based content for businesses. London based but heart in Europe

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