Action Is The Best Remedy: 9 Things You Can Do Right Now To Take More Control Over Your Life

Sarah Thomas
5 min readMar 14, 2020

Lucie Aubrac, 2nd world war resistance heroine, saboteur, fighter, mother, wife lived by these words ‘action is the best remedy’. When her chips were down, and she risked losing her entire world to the Nazi’s, this was still her philosophy.

Action is the Best Remedy.

It’s true. As countries feel the devastation of COV-19 and their lives and businesses go on hold, this advice is as relevant now as it was 80 years ago.

Things could, and probably will be worse.

What should we do? Wallow and accept our powerlessness? Should we allow fear and self-interest to dictate our behaviour in response to the virus and other global setbacks?

Hell no, we can’t. We walked on the moon; we created antibiotics and cancer treatments; we built the internet (warts and all0. We can’t respond with a downturn in our humanity. It’s the responsibility of all decent human beings not to allow ourselves or society to implode. Or, if it has already to take action to bring it back together.

Forget greater good for a moment, what positive effect comes out of you becoming suspended with fear and despair? Nothing.

Fear and anxiety feed on the feeling of being out of control. The virus is in our country, we can’t control that, but there are so many things we can control.

So many of the actions listed below are easy to apply, and you’ll feel better than you will if you sit and do nothing.

Try some of these actions today, especially if you’re feeling down and frightened.

Action is the Best Remedy.

Your Health

The easiest way to help your health is to stay clean and to eat good food. I used to casually say that I ran well on toxins which was code for ‘I can’t be bothered’ investing in my health.

And I’ve had a good run with this laxness but I’m approaching 40, and there’s this virus, and I’m just gonna have to start eating my seven a day if I want to achieve my own goals.

Action — avoid food with no nutritional value — you know what I’m talking about —

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